With COVID-19 turning everyone’s lives upside down and businesses having to adapt to new ways of operation working remotely has become a necessity instead of a luxury for many professionals. But which environment allows us to be more productive: the home office or the “office” office?

Within the work environment you have colleagues who pose the greatest distraction when you are really trying to get stuck in and power through work. Although the social distraction may be nice to have this can be challenging if you are easily distracted.

However, when it comes to the home office, it is easy for you to become your own worst enemy! With no one watching the pressure is relieved and the urgent obligation to get your work done efficiently has been eliminated.

So, depending on the person, situation and type of work you are doing then working from home can either be a pro or a con.

When working from home, you as an individual are truly independent relying on self-discipline, self-motivation, concentration and focus to get you through a day. Time management and scheduling becomes even more of a priority than ever before. As long as you are not sneakily turning on Netflix and can actually hold yourself accountable for getting the work done then working from home can actually be more productive! Firstly, spending hours in traffic is avoided also contributing to overall less stress to your day. Furthermore, with the annoyances of office life chatter, other workers etc is eliminated and you have less dragging you away from tasks.

With working from home or remotely from a coffee shop or shared pace, you are forced to become a communication specialist. Using Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Teams and other platforms to ensure you are kept UpToDate and checked in with managers and co-workers.

When looking at South Africa and remote working specifically according to a recent the study, over 53% of South Africans said that in future, they would prefer a job that allows them to work from home at least occasionally.

The study noted that South Africa has also emerged as one of the countries that would embrace fully remote work, with 44% saying they want to work fully remotely compared to a global average of 24%.

BCG Johannesburg principal and recruiting director Rudi van Blerk said the pandemic significantly changed how people think about their work.

“Workers and managers alike have seen that flexible work models are possible, and in fact desirable, with only 4% of South Africans saying they would want to return to working completely on-site at an office after the pandemic.”

It is evident from current circumstances that remote working is part of the future. However, for remote working to be effective proper systems and procedures need to be put in place in order for this new type of office space to work effectively and not negatively affect the bottom line of businesses in the future.

We at Chintax have sourced products to ensure working from home can be more effective. Having products that positively facilitate your working environments in order to stimulate greater productivity. Our new 15.6″ Metro Laptop Bags have been designed for easier remote working! Ideal for when you are in and out of the home or wanting to leave your laptop in a cover that is safe and protected from possible damage. Your laptop and other devices that connect you to the world becomes of utmost importance when working from home. If working from a coffee shop or shared space is more productive for you then our bag will make the journey easier and safer. Creating a working space at home that reminds you of a professional “office” is often key to success.

Setting up a space at home and having the equipment and accessories that makes you feel as if you are in a professional office is key to a successful homework ethic.

Though working from home seems nothing but positive there are some cons that companies and workers need to take into account. For extremely diligent employees working from home can actually mean you are doing more. When you don’t have the separation of going into an office your workday can become blurred into your home life leading to a burnout. Furthermore, you can fall out the loop missing out on causal collaboration that happens when you are in the office. Family, pets and other home life distractions may also cause you to get veered away from the task at hand and take up more of your time during a workday. You might not have full access to certain technology platforms and other co-workers may accuse you of slacking. When you work from home and not able to take a call or email right away colleagues may think you are slacking. Thus, when remote working it is vital that as an individual you are overcommunicating what you are doing and accomplishing consistently!

Some tips that may help you work from home more efficiently include not underestimating face time! Be more communicable than ever, even to the point where you pick up the phone and congratulate someone after a job well done. Keep it professional and try to setup a neat workspace that is off limits to the rest of the household. Start early and get all urgent communication or email responses out immediately. Be extremely responsive and ensure you have a prompt reply! Constantly be available and set specific touch points with your team. Having a ‘To Do List’ and ensuring you complete all urgent daily tasks is essential. Consistently check in with your manager and ensure to maintain relationships with colleagues even if it is just virtual. Working remotely is the future and companies must either learn to adapt where possible or risk falling behind!