There is no better time than now to look after your body, preventing unwanted aches and pains now or in the future!

We at Chintax have sourced products to make this possible. Easily and affordably avoid fatigue, strain, aches and pains with our ergonomic product range. From gel mouse pads, keyboard wrists to desktop stands we are here to ensure you stay healthy and pain free.

Does your wrist hurt or get fatigued often after using a mouse for a long time?

Apart from evaluating the type of mouse you are using, another thing to look into are ergonomic mouse pads and wrist rests.

Ergonomic mouse pads and keyboard wrist rests work by helping you maintain a neutral position as you type, click and scroll. Without the padded support, sustaining a neutral wrist posture on your own can be difficult, especially after a few hours. The padded support also reduces nerve compression in your wrist and hands when used properly, which can happen if you rest your wrists on a hard surface for long periods of time.

Our Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest offers a versatile ergonomic solution for keyboard users. The gel pad comfortably supports your wrists during typing, while also putting your wrist in a more neutral position.


  • The ergonomic design protects your wrist for unnecessary strain
  • The gel padding supports your wrists for improved comfort while typing
  • Helps to relieve the stress and fatigue of long hours typing on a keyboard
  • Reduces the likelihood of sustaining computing related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow
  • Improve your typing posture for better productivity
  • Helps to relieve wrist tension
  • Maintains a fluid wrist motion for healthier computing
  • Non-skid base ensures better desk gripping
  • Multi-functional and portable Ideal to move around to assist with improved comfort anywhere you go

Another top selling product in our ergonomic range is our Chintax Gel Mouse Pad which is here to support your hand in every way possible. Supportive, comfy and practical. The soft gel supports your wrist and provides more comfort allowing better productivity. This ergonomically designed pad helps protect your wrist from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and is endorsed by the Back Pain Clinic of South Africa. Elastomer footprint keeps this mouse pad and wrist rest in place. Featuring a non-slip base and has been recommended by doctors around the globe.


  • Soft gel supports wrist and provides more comfort
  • Ergonomically designed pad helps protect your wrist from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Elastomer footprint
  • Non-slip base.
  • Offers user extreme comfort.
  • Recommended by doctors.

When you are looking to buy a mouse pad or wrist pad, there are several things you need to consider. Firstly, looking at the pad material where the cushion of ergonomic mouse pads is either filled with gel or memory foam:

Gel – This material feels cool to the skin. It can be sticky unless there’s a fabric cover. People who crave squishy, soft cushions will love gel filled wrist supports.

Memory Foam – This is one of the best materials when it comes to providing support. Your body heat softens the foam so that it conforms exactly to the shape of your wrist. However, it feels warm which some people might not like.

Secondly, looking at the wrist support height is essential. The key to preventing wrist injury when using the computer is to maintain a neutral position where there is minimal bending of the wrists. If your wrist is too low, your arm weight will strain your wrist, increasing your chance of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. On the other hand, if the wrist rest is too high, it causes fatigue to your fingers, hands, and wrist.

To ensure proper alignment, get a wrist rest that is approximately 1″ – 1.2″ inches deep. Anything higher, and it’s hard to maintain a neutral wrist when it is rested on the pad, which completely defeats the purpose. It shouldn’t be too hard or too soft either.

Lastly, looking at the size of the mouse pad or wrist rest and ensuring that it fits on your desk and work area comfortably, featuring a non-lip back to avoid it sliding around.

No better time than now to start looking after your body the right way with products that are practical, affordable and used on a daily basis!