With COVID-19 and the disruption of work, school, university, and life in general peoples lives have been turned upside down. We have had to adapt and change to fit the current climate and this new way of life that has slowly become a reality for all of us. For students both at school and university the impact of COVID-19 and the accompanying regulations have been severe. Washing hands, sanitiser and the wearing of face masks has become a part of our daily habits. As human beings our primal instinct is to come together sharing meals, laughter, and affection, we are social creators that especially in our premature years thrive off social companionship. However, this luxury or better yet innate desire as humans has been taken away from us and we have been forced through government and safety regulations to keep our distance from one another fearing an invisible enemy.

For most of us we imagined that this war against the unknown would come to an end soon after the first wave. However just like a dominant component this virus got back up presenting us with a third wave more infectious than the last.

Within the education department both secondary and tertiary the disruption of COVID-19 has been devastating with over 75% of learners dropping behind from where they should be (Fricker, 2021). With rotational attendance, days off for certain grades and sporadic school closures learners have lost around 54% of learning time. Around 400 000 learners have also reportedly dropped out. These statistics are shocking as education is vital to the success of every child.

Not attending school or university not only leads to learning loss but mental distress! Young children especially need to develop social skills to operate effectively in the working world after school. With a lack of learning and developing these required skills will lead to potential issues later in working life. Thus, it is vital that kids remain at school where possible in their early years to ensure the necessary skills are fully developed to ensure a successful future!

We at Chintax are dedicated to supporting the opening of schools were safe to do so and strive to support children in the completion of their schooling. We have sourced through importation, products that can be used in schools, universities, and the working environment, helping to make them affordable and accessible to leaners throughout South Africa. A current product that is ideal for both the work and learning environment is our new 16″ EXPANDABLE 3 IN 1 LAPTOP BAG. It is multipurpose offering you the option of a backpack or brief case style bag depending on which you prefer. The bag provides great protection for your laptop and accessories. The expandable zipper allows for double spacing. Designed from premium polyester that will stand the test of time and ensure comfort and ease of transport. Whether you are in the office or class, this backpack will provide you with a variety of options for everyday use. An all-around quality bag that is affordable and won’t let you down.

With the country still being very much in a third wave of infection it is essential that we still stay safe and keep our distance where possible. Wearing masks and maintaining high levels of hygiene in the office and at school as well as prioritising spacious outdoor venues verse large indoor crowds are various ways, we can eliminate spreading the virus. Grab your backpack and get out there. Enjoy the outdoors while keeping your laptop and other accessories safe and secure!